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The Campaign Specialists

Let us take care of your campaign

Our full-stack agency integrates PR, marketing, advertising strategy and a bespoke touch to guarantee attention in an age of noise.

Crowdfunding Product Based

This is why we are in business, to help entrepreneurs raise the money they need. Space's team and our partners have raised $ 5,000,000 in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding Equity

Partners with the best equity platforms. We help you from start to finish to get your lead investor, qualify and get a lot of momentum to have a successful campaign.

Scale Through Ecommerce

Once validated your MVP and we have found your Product Market Fit, we are ready to take you to the moon and make you into a 7-8 figure brand. Buckle your seatbelt!

A quick look at what we do

Since we started, we've worked on some of the most exciting product launches in the world


We've worked with the best in the industry to produce thousands of dollars in return on ad spend. We do away with the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most agencies.Our client case studies have become a myth, our waiting list is longer than your complaints with your current agency and we look for a very specific kind of client.Maybe that’s you: it would be our honor to find out.Schedule your FREE discovery call below.

Our Expertise At Your Disposal

We put the experience we’ve gained promoting multiple Equity Crowdfunding Projects at your disposal.From campaign and content strategy to budget planning, consultation and tips, we are always here to offer advice and guidance.

Our AI-Driven Technology

Our AI-Driven technology is the main reason we’re able to deliver exceptional returns on ad spend at high volumes of traffic.Our AI reads data from crowdfunding projects, and Google analytics and cross-references it to analyze performance in real time. It then outputs live, statistics-backed data for precise targeting, budget allocation, message optimization and projected returns for different spending levels.

We turn dreams into businesses

Digital Services

Find out how we can help you launch

With our proprietary algorithms and software, we help you maximize campaign results.


Sprints to devise strategy and ignite creativity using world-leading experts from start to end.


We’ve directed over 50 campaigns to date, raising $50m on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Space Enterprise is is a leading crowdfunding agency.

Premium PR

We specialise in narrative strategies the media and the public cannot ignore, so you can get on th best PR

Assets Creation

Validating an MVP is not easy, that is why we have internal graphic designers within our team to make your dreams come true.

Digital Advertising

Experts at Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Google Ads, we help you cut through the feed.


Whether you're launching directly on e-commerce, or it's the next stage, we're here to help you scale at all stages to maximize your investment.


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Top Crowdfunding Marketing Agency on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

We have been able to help over 100 clients make their ideas into reality. We validate ideas through crowdfunding product based and raise significant amounts of money via launching and scaling your campaign.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Validate your idea while selling thousands of preorders

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Crowdfunding Equity

Raise money to scale your company by selling equity of your enterprise

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Our Clients Have Been Featured on:

Clients Helped

> 100

Total Ad Spent

$ 1,000,000

Total Raised

$ 5,100,000

Step 1 - Pre Launch

Using our own predictive model, we test and confirm your product before launching it. This reduces your risk and aids in determining your market positioning, by creating a community interested on acquiring your product.

Step 2 - Launch

Before we publish your product on Kickstarter OR Indiegogo, we cultivate a community of customers. This makes sure you have succesful launch and hit your goal within your first days.

Step 3 - Scale

We scale your crowdfunding campaign through paid placements and adverts as you set up your inventory, building on the momentum of your first day.

10x your startup’s traction with press coverages

Increase your traction tenfold by getting your startup in front of millions of potential customers with press coverage in top-tier media outlets.

Our Clients Have Been Featured on:


Press coverage raises brand awareness, generates interest in a brand, establishes a competitive edge, and converts your prospects into customers.

Attract Talent

Press attention aids in the recruitment of top talent for startups. A positive media presence highlights your brand culture and draws attention to available openings.

Enhanced Trust

Trust is a valuable asset for startups. Being featured in a reputable media outlet increases your credibility. Will help with credibility and expand your company further.


Press coverage enhances organic traffic, improves the site's authority, increases keyword ranking, and puts you at the top of Google search results.


Press coverage dramatically increases your chance of raising money at an even better valuation, as it acts as a stamp of approval. Once people see you on PR, they will trust you are legit.

Brand Recall

Consumers are likely to associate with a brand they know and trust. Public relations builds credibility, brand awareness, and trustworthiness and fosters consumer connections, which leads to increased repeat sales.

What is Space PR?

Media coverage holds the ability to take a startup in front of hundreds of millions of audiences in an incredibly short span of time. But traditional PR agencies are quite expensive and don’t guarantee media coverage. This is a PR service exclusively focused on startups, big and small. You pay what you deserve.


What is Space Ecommerce?

Scale your ecommerce business with our full ecom management. More revenue. Less budget.From web development and CRO to digital ads and email marketing, our result-centric teams deliver exactly what you need.

Our Clients Have Been Featured on:

Clients Helped

> 100

Total Ad Spent

$ 1,000,000

Total Raised

$ 5,100,000